My heart is hurting. I am not sure if it is from all of the hormones floating around in my body or not, but I just can't stop thinking about the poor cat next door.

About a month ago (on the Canada Day long weekend) it seemed as though there were people moving into the old house next to us (and when I say old, I mean OLD). There has been a steady string of questionable people in and out of that house over the past 3 years, but I liked the look of this couple. They appeared to have a few small children, and I thought it would be perfect to have kids next door for our little one to play with.

But after that day, I have not seen a single soul there. There are some children's toys in the back yard, a BBQ, and through the back window you can see furniture stacked up. The last people who rented this house used it only for storage (again, it is old) so we have come to think that maybe this is what the young couple is doing.

However, over the course of the past month we have been hearing a cat crying. A pitiful meowing that would last for a while and then stop. We could never really figure out where it was coming from, and quite frankly I did not think much of it. Until just this past weekend, when Blair and I were both outside and realized that the meowing was coming from the screen door at the back of the neighbors house.
So... we investigated. Sure enough, there was a pretty grey tabby (I have a soft spot for tabby's, grey and orange ones especially) meowing incessantly at us through the screen, sitting on top of a pile of furniture. And maybe we were just seeing what our minds thought we should, but I could swear that this cat was starved. Near death even. It looked sooo skinny.

So I went running back home for some food and water to give the poor thing, and together Blair and I decided to open the screen door so that the cat could come out. (Thinking of course that the cat must belong to someone in town and somehow got trapped in there when the couple were moving their things in. After all, who leaves a poor kitty all alone in a house for a month?)

Anyways, we left to go somewhere, thinking that the cat would make it's way back home. It was obviously not a stray by the way that it behaved around us. It was DYING for attention.

When we got home, we wanted to check and see if the cat had eaten any of the food we left. But what do you know?! There is a CAR at the house. After 10 minutes the car leaves (and has not been back for 6 days. I know this because I am at home all day).

And you know what? The cat is back inside the house! The screen door is closed. And the cat continues to cry at the screen door whenever it hears or sees us in the back yard.

I cannot stand it. It makes me want to cry seeing this poor little cat meowing at us from in there! So finally after me begging him to call, and his mom telling him that it is the right thing to do, my hubby called the owner of the house yesterday evening to let him know about said cat.

I really hope something happens here. Because it is making me so upset knowing that the cat has been in that house for weeks, without fresh food and water (sure, they might leave some out) or attention. I want to go there and take that kitty and make it my own. Blair is even agreeable- he has a soft spot for cats too and no one likes to see animals suffer.

I swear, if something doesn't happen soon I am going in there and stealing that cat. I have a hard time believing that anyone who could leave their pet like that would mind.
7/28/2011 05:12:13 am

Oh my goodness! That is the saddest thing! Its sick to think that some people are actually do that... It must be if you let it out and than it some how got where back where it started!! I sure hope someone does something that.
And on the OLD house topic... I can't imagine someone actually living there? LOL

7/28/2011 06:30:16 am

Keep us updated! I hope the owners Blair talked to do something about it!

If nothing happens you should call the closest SPCA, they have to investigate. If things don't get better after a warning, the SPCA will take the cat, give it medical attention, and adopt it to a caring family (I watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet - I know all about this stuff).

7/28/2011 03:05:25 pm

That is awful! Poor kitty :( For sure call the SPCA if the owners of the house don't do anything.

Jocelynne Peevey
10/17/2011 04:40:34 am

So what happened in the end? I hope theres a happy ending. I'm a softie for cats too.
I am reading this now a few month later. Some people should never be near animals.


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