I was watching a design show once, and something the designer said really stuck with me. He said "the nursery is not for the baby... oh no, the nursery is for the parents".

The more I thought about it, the more I thought he was probably right. A baby is not going to remember what colour the walls are, if the bedding matches the lamp shade, or if the rocking chair is an old creaky hand-me-down or a brand new glider. No. The only thing the baby is going to remember (subconciously) is if it got lots of love from it's mommy and daddy. It is the parents who are going to remember the room, and spend a lot of time in there, doing late night feedings, comforting a crying toddler and playing on the floor.

Pretty much as soon as we found out I was pregnant, I started thinking about the unborn baby's room, making list after list of things we would need, things we would want but not really need, and things I wanted to get done around the house before the arrival of our little one. So far, we have gotten quite a few things done, and I wanted to write this blog to share our nursery and baby items so far.

The Crib

The crib
This is our crib, it is the Pinehurst by Babi Italia. I was sooo thrilled with it, partly because of the craftsmanship (it is made from solid wood) but especially because normally it would cost over $500. Luckily, because Babies R Us decided to stop carrying it, we got it for much, much less.

The bedding is an animal set from Sears, but I have no picture of it today- it is at my mother in law's place so she can paint pictures of the animals to go on the walls- stay tuned!

Baby Blankets

So far I have collected 3 home-made blankets- the first one to the left made by me, the middle one was made by my mother, and the one on the right was made by my mother in law Kathy. It was quite a coincidence that my mother and I choose to make the same kind of blanket- rag doll (aka shaggy) quilts. Hers is really special, because the lighter more subdued colours you see are old pajamas of mine and my siblings'. All three of them are very special to me and I hope to keep them forever.

The Bassinet

I am planning to keep the baby in our room with us for the first few months as we adjust to being parents and to make late night nursing and changing easier.

Since our room is not large enough to fit a full sized crib (and really, if circumstances allow otherwise, do any parents really want a crib in their room?) we purchased a bassinet.

This bassinet in particular is the Simplicity 4-in-1 Bassinet and has lights, vibration, music, and can convert to a side-sleeper that attaches right to a normal queen sized bed.

I look forward to using all these products once the baby arrives and reviewing them for others who are expecting.

Other Furniture

We are very thankful that my father bought us this beautful glider, so if you are reading this, thanks Dad!

This glider in particular glider is the "Kayla" by Shermag.

We also needed a change table/dresser. We were actually quite shocked when shopping to discover how expensive baby stuff really is, so we decided to use an antique dresser that has been mine since I moved out of my parent's house and started college. This dresser was given to me as a gift from my grandma and grandpa, and I love it. Normally there is a beautiful mirror attached to the back, but for ease of changing the baby we decided to remove it for now.

The Stroller and Car Seat

Perhaps the hardest things to choose so far was the stroller. Living in Hussar, the roads are bumpy and there are lots of rocks- a heavy duty stroller is required, especially since I am hoping to get right back on the "in-shape" band wagon once this baby comes.

It was also hard to choose, because everyone hates those moms who walk around the mall with their huge strollers and think they own the place, walking down the middle of aisles and giving you dirty looks when your grocery cart accidently bumps their stroller. So I didn't want anything too big or heavy.

I think what we ended up choosing was a good happy-medium. Blair's parents bought for us the Mirage by Graco (called the luvbuggy in the US). I especially love that the toddler seat can face outwards or inwards, and that an infant car seat clips right into the frame.

Again- this is a product I plan to use and review on this blog in the future.

Odds and Sods

Of course there are toooons of other things we needed to gear up for baby, and we still aren't done, but that's ok because we still have 12 weeks (hypothetically speaking).

So here are some random photos the bits and pieces we have collected, from diapers, bottles, toys, swings, clothes, etc.
So, it's probably pretty clear that we are very excited for the baby to come. I have loved collecting things for the baby's room and cannot wait until it is all put together and ready to go.

Thank you for reading my first blog entry, many more to come as we start this wonderful journey!
Mom & Don
5/22/2011 01:15:19 pm

Don wants to know where's the picture of the Vancouver Canucks stuff we bought the baby? LOL!

5/23/2011 12:43:59 am

Awesome blog! Great pictures!

Looks like you're all set for baby! *hugs*

5/24/2011 12:53:49 pm

Cute! So happy for you. Where in the world are the belly photos, that is what I am wondering!?!?
Please post some!!!

5/27/2011 05:24:50 am

Love your site Rachel, I will definitely be checking back!! Good luck with all the baby prep :)

7/8/2011 09:31:57 pm

you are so cute rachel...and cant wait to hear all about the delivery and first days of baby!


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